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February 20, 2017

Hair is such an important part of our lives, especially women. Thus, shampoo is a staple for our everyday lives. While some of us have gone in the no-poo direction (I bown down to you!!!), some of us are still searching for the best shampoo of our lives.

There are so many choices out there based on your hair type. So many promise so many things and before you find the perfect one, you’ve already spent your entire life savings. I have tried a handful of shampoos in my lifetime. I can’t say that I’ve found “the one” quite yet, but I’m getting close.

Whether you love Pantene or are looking for a more natural alternative while you work your way up to the no-poo revolution, I’ve connected with an editorial site that’s done much of the legwork that many of us have not really done yet.

Camilla at has been such a gem and sweetheart in patiently waiting for me to share her company’s research on shampoo. I hope that you will visit her site as I’m sure that you will find some really useful information. I especially loved the section on dry hair because that’s who I am, dry. They’ve gone into the science behind the hair, the ingredients, and their findings are no frills, no fuss, and presented in what I feel is a very unbiased manner. I can tell they didn’t get paid to do this and I am not paid to do this either because who has time to write about things that they don’t believe in these days?

Click on the photo below to check out their reviews and findings. I know that some of them their best findings are not in line with the all natural, CF, vegan, organic haircare, but regardless of what you use, all knowledge is powerful and not meant to use as ammo to judge other people, ok?. So, utilize it as much as it fits into your lifestyle and your beliefs. I am just here to share more resources with you regardless of what my preferences are! Hope you find some of this useful!

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