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Coping with Death

Coping with death, what a way to get this off to on right foot. This is probably going to be my most morbid post but I’ll tell ya, it felt good to get it all out. The tricky thing with death is that we…

November 16, 2016
Beauty Reviews

Maya Chia Beauty Interview

Pip pip cheerio! I’ve been working on some really exciting things like this interview with Maya Chia Beauty over at our editorial site My boss, Teri, is pretty awesome because she likes my ideas and lets me run with them. Talk about trust…

November 14, 2016
Charlie & The Quill

Best Excuses for Failing at Life

Who wants to live the best life possible but all you do is make the best excuses for failing at life? My husband seems to think I make a lot of excuses, but I’m not sure who he’s comparing me to because my excuses…

September 16, 2016
Charlie & The Quill

How to Beat Performance Anxiety

It’s been an exciting and busy few months lately and hence a bit of MIA-ness on my personal ramblings! I am excited, humbled, and proud to share that I am the new Managing Editor and Resident Health Advisor at TERIMIYAHIRA.COM- an editorial where we…

September 10, 2016
Beauty Reviews

Maya Chia The Super Couple Review

If you are a returning customer: Grab your TEA, this time, we’re going to zen. Setting up the zen for this writing session *Grabs a box of tissue, puts it next to my laptop* *Grabs tea, puts it on the other side of my…

August 14, 2016
Charlie & The Quill

Tales from the Emergency Room

Tales from the Emergency Room – Viewer’s Discretion Advised: Not written to insult the seriousness of hospital visits. Not written for sympathy votes either. Written as a way to practice some healthy coping mechanisms in the face of a stressful event, i.e. positive interpretation,…

August 9, 2016
Charlie & The Quill

Sense of Worth

If BEAUTY is about self-esteem, self-appreciation, self-love, then self-worth is part of this conglomerate of self-[insert cool word]. Also, you’re going to need coffee for this saga. This might be a relatable story- one in which you may either end up hating me as…

July 15, 2016
Charlie & The Quill

My Patronus is Coffee

How this became even an option is complete Harry Potter, House of Gryffindor level sorcery. Of course, I’ve been more than excited to write about this since coffee is my patronus. Don’t know what a patronus is? It’s an object that someone feels deep…

May 18, 2016
Beauty Reviews

Mother’s Day 2016 Gift Guide

My first annual Mother’s Day Gift Guide up 4 days before Mother’s Day 2016. Great job, Kate. Seriously, what do you give a human being who gave you life, birthed you DRUG FREE because she didn’t want her 1 second old newborn to be…

May 4, 2016