Managing Editorial Work

Managing Editor

Writing is my passion, I completely love it. Hence, my little section here where I write all the things. The saying that actions speak louder that words is true to a degree. But, I feel that words have a way to transform someone’s life in a way that actions cannot. Especially living in this technologically-driven world, words are more powerful than we give them credit for. Given my knack for joking about really serious things, my editorial work has given me a pathway to expand on this passion.

Being a Managing Editor has also given me the opportunity to work with people all around the world who also love to write. People are so kind and amazing enthusiastic when it comes to sharing their writing. It excites me to see the passion people have about getting their expertise out there for the greater good. This position has also allowed me to get comfortable with grammar because let’s be honest, I don’t particularly get my panties in a bunch when it comes to grammar. I just want the content to flow as best as possible without having people worry about commas and paragraphs. I believe writing should be a creative outlet, something to leaves the person feeling like they create more and breathe a little easier.