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Beauty Reviews

Lena Menstrual Cup Review

The Lena Menstrual Cup review is for the 3 friends (looking at you AM, AP, & LM) who fell off their chair when I sent them a screenshot of my Amazon order. Their first reaction was “OMG” quickly followed by “I really want to…

July 11, 2018
Beauty Reviews

Schique Skincare Review

Schqiue Skincare, created by Dr. Jacquelline Schaffer is a line borne out of a child’s love for her mother. What better way to celebrate this year’s Mother’s Day by sharing this review with you? Jacqueline watched her mother endure skin cancer twice in her…

May 10, 2017
Beauty Reviews

Red Apple Lipstick Review

Red Apple Lipstick happened to be one of the first brands I found on the internet webs when I started looking into “cleaner” beauty. I’ve always been curious about Red Apple Lipstick’s lipsticks since I’ve never seen gluten-free beauty products, only pastries at that…

April 28, 2017
Beauty Reviews

Shampoo Guide

Hair is such an important part of our lives, especially women. Thus, shampoo is a staple for our everyday lives. While some of us have gone in the no-poo direction (I bown down to you!!!), some of us are still searching for the best…

February 20, 2017
Beauty Reviews

Target Likes Me

If you guys only knew that my love for Target goes way back to when I was in middle school, even before it was the thing to do. My mom would drag me there and I’d always be like “Mooooooooommmmm, I want to sit…

February 2, 2017
Beauty Reviews

Tazeka Aromatherapy Review

Tazeka Aromatherapy has really found a way to change my views on aromatherapy for good. I am drawn to products that have some sound scientific backing connected with them. I am not that person who believes in crystals and oils to alleviate any actual…

November 17, 2016
Beauty Reviews

Maya Chia Beauty Interview

Pip pip cheerio! I’ve been working on some really exciting things like this interview with Maya Chia Beauty over at our editorial site My boss, Teri, is pretty awesome because she likes my ideas and lets me run with them. Talk about trust…

November 14, 2016
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Maya Chia The Super Couple Review

If you are a returning customer: Grab your TEA, this time, we’re going to zen. Setting up the zen for this writing session *Grabs a box of tissue, puts it next to my laptop* *Grabs tea, puts it on the other side of my…

August 14, 2016
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Mother’s Day 2016 Gift Guide

My first annual Mother’s Day Gift Guide up 4 days before Mother’s Day 2016. Great job, Kate. Seriously, what do you give a human being who gave you life, birthed you DRUG FREE because she didn’t want her 1 second old newborn to be…

May 4, 2016
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Honest Beauty Eye Shadow Trio in Smoky Grey Review

Guys, raise your hand if you were/currently still are under the impression that if you use Honest Beauty, you’re going to look exceptionally cute like Jessica Alba. *Raises hand, looks around, really I’m the only one?…mmm. hmm. sure…insert beady eyes emoji* Anywho… Honest Beauty…

April 15, 2016