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Best Excuses for Failing at Life

September 16, 2016

Who wants to live the best life possible but all you do is make the best excuses for failing at life? My husband seems to think I make a lot of excuses, but I’m not sure who he’s comparing me to because my excuses are kept at a minimal. Anyway, so, suddenly something horrible happens to a loved one or someone you know and only then you realize you are not living life to its fullest potential? What’s worse is that this motivational feeling fades.

I do it, too, because I am human and I err. I get all gung-ho about so many things and in the end, I only accomplish one thing on my list. Then, it takes a death or severe illness to remind us to be grateful for every breath we take. It’s really a horrible way to think about things. It’s almost like us humans need a sense of tragedy to be appreciative of the life we are living!

Sometimes, it takes someone who cares about you to tell you to stop doing things so half @$$ and to see things to fruition. If everything was easy, everyone would do it. So, when the going gets tough, you get tougher! Myself included, we should all stop making excuses so we can live the best life possible!

Click on the photo below to head on over to TERIMIYAHIRA.COM where I wrote some a short rambling about this! I promise it’s short because I literally can’t write 634523457 words on this special editorial. As always, thank you and I hope you enjoy!

Photo Credit: @jakeheilbrunn

Photo Credit: @jakeheilbrunn

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