Hi! I’ve been told I need to write a bio because my website doesn’t make sense. Long story short, I love writing about anything, that includes my time that I dabbled in beauty blogging, hence you have yourself my writings under “Charlie and the Quill” and “Beauty Reviews”. This lends itself to my other abilities of applying makeup on beautiful brides and making them look beautiful without changing what they actually look like. I can do the clown thing, but I prefer not to.

I also know how to build the things on the internet webs for blogging using HTML, thus, you’ve got my “Editorial Work”.

I also have a PhD in Developmental Health Psychology with advanced training in statistics and I’ve published a few research articles in actual peer-reviewed journals in my days playing researcher. And no, I’m not going to analyze you.

I’m not really the jack of all trades. For instance, I can’t build a Japanese garden try as I might. I can’t really make brownies with crispy edges either. I just happen to like a few things a lot that some how, at first glance don’t really go together, but really, they kinda do go together if you think about it long enough.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me under the the contact page here. Thanks for stopping by!